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Our Vision

To provide excellent hands on investigation of
STEM concepts through play.

Our Mission

Contribute to literacy, maths, science and social emotional development in Africa.

Why Us?

Our classes are guided by recent computer science graduates who follow the Lego Education guidelines on lesson outcomes. Our objective is to equip each student with core skills in: innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and digital literacy among others

Laptops & Learning Kits

Laptops and Learning kits are expensive, Our aim remains to offer affordable, low-cost access to all children.

Grants and Donations

These will go a long way in providing access to hundreds of students in communities where access to laptops or internet is considered a need at the moment.These communities can be in orphanages, slum schools and even rural remote schools.


You are welcome to join us as we go out into communities as a volunteer. We provide you with food for the day. Your role will be to engage with the children and demonstrate some concepts where required with them.

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